Circle Carbon S.L. looks to combine business competence, acumen, and common sense to celebrate the role of humanity as custodians of the earth to resolve the challenge of Climate Change to our civilisation. Our projects aim to contribute first on a local level, and by sharing and collaborative coalitions on an international level towards the mitigation of Climate Change by growing trees and applying biochar to the soil in which trees and other cultivars are planted. The projects create the conditions for effective carbon sequestration, increased plant growth, and development of healthy, wealthy, and self-sufficient communities.

Global benefits:

Regeneration of soils, production of renewable energies, carbon capture & storage (CCS), food safety, energy safety, happy and peaceful communities.

Economic benefits for the company:

Sale of “Circle Carbon” products from organic farming; olives and their derivatives, almonds and their derivatives, carob and its derivatives, sale of substrates for gardening, nurseries, consulting, education, and training services.