Growth & Harvest

Circle Carbon plants trees to harvest its fruits and other valuable resources, in addition to being the most effective environmental workers on the planet, sucking up carbon from the atmosphere and transforming CO2 into Oxygen.

From seed to seedling in our biochar powered nurseries or nurtured in situ on our partnering farms, when you buy Circle Carbon products you know that you are helping the planet regenerate and recreating “that more beautiful world our heart knows is possible”.

Olive trees for olives and olive oil, almond trees for almonds and almond oils, carob trees for carob meal and syrup, to name just a few. We also offer pistachio, moringa, apricot, walnut, and pongamia trees, as well as work with organic wineries to make their vineyards carbon negative – planet positive.

When the growing season ends, the harvest begins. These are some of the trees and fruits you can be harvesting from your land, or buying from Circle Carbon.

Expected first harvest and shop: 2019