TerraLlum Biochar


With organic biochar, the nutrients present in soil can be better stored, the delivery and bioavailability of nutrients improved which in turn leads to more efficient results. With regular use, soils are permanently improved, which translates into better growth, higher yields and healthier plants. The use of our organic Biochar promotes and improves;

  • Soil Health – through long-term stewardship; increased microbial activity, water retention, reduced soil compaction
  • Climate Stability – through careful monitoring of the net carbon footprint of our activities;
  • Water Use – through making agricultural production at all scales cleaner and more efficient;
  • Biological Diversity – through the use of sustainably produced feed stocks only;
  • Waste Avoidance – through better use of biomass waste;
  • Food Security – through improving soils and conserving agricultural land; increased production and quality
  • Energy Security – through energy efficiency and utilizing excess energy from biochar production;
  • Community Health – through respecting and investing in our communities; and more.
Size: 2 kg / 5 litros
Unavailable until further notice.