Circle Carbon applies entrepreneurial values combining the application of head, heart, and hands, a social enterprise with rewards and incentives, leadership by inner guidance, and full transparency, working in harmony with nature and sharing the rewards of a generous planet. We invite investors interested in becoming custodians of this project to contact us.

There are different options to become engaged:


Custodian Investors

Are you a custodian investor interested in contributing your know-how and experience to the project? Would you like to be involved with the development of the project and own equity in the venture?

We are looking for environmental engineers, financial and marketing experts and people who want to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty.


Project Funding

Specific projects are offered to investors and partners. This allows the investor to participate in specific areas and see the investment grow, literally, and reap the reward of the harvest. We have three projects:

  1. Soil Solutions: invest in the production of biochar, compost and substrata for the nursery and partner farms. Maturity 3-5 years.
  2. Growth & Harvest: invest in the planting and harvesting of the fruits of these plantations. Maturity 5-10 years.
  3. Full Circle Impact: invest in the product development, marketing, distribution and sales of Circle Carbon products. Maturity 3-5 years.


Crowd Funding

We will be offering opportunities to invest individually and for smaller amounts in our projects. Here you will be able to invest in a few trees or parts of a hectare of productive organic agriculture, with a return on your investment and the knowledge that you are helping offset carbon emissions.



Contact us. We look forward to telling you more and getting to know each other.