Soil Products
Plant Products

It’s all about soil, our life depends on it. This is our core business, building soil. We develop formulas using local feed stock biomass, quality pyrolised biochar, organic matter and minerals for composting and application in our nurseries and on partnering farms.

We work with biodiversity, including many species of trees to create a healthy and productive agroforestry system. Historically, producing trees on Mallorca include almond, olive, carob, citrus, and other fruit trees. In addition to these, we work with moringa, pistachio, avocado, and the highly productive and beneficial Pongamia Pinnata.

Carbon Negative = Planet Positive

Carbon Negative: when the sum of all your activities (business, personal etc.) take more carbon (CO2) out of the atmosphere 
than they put in (at present we are adding between 30Gt and 40Gt CO2 to the atmosphere every year).

Make your Business Planet Positive!