Christer Söderberg


Social entrepreneur with business experience from six countries on four continents. Christer is the initiator and custodian of this project, having planted his first 6000 trees on an organic coffee farm in Brazil in 2009, and initiated several social-environmental projects in Sweden, Brazil, and now in Spain. Christer brings his experience and passion for the earth and its communities to this project to develop a working model that regenerates the soil and restores the air we breathe on our fragile and most beautiful planet.

Astrid Colomar


De madre mallorquina y padre ibicenco, ambos de origen payés. Su carrera académica en Historia del arte y Enseñanza, se complementa con una extensa formación entre distintos idiomas, culturas y países. Ha participado en la gestión de la enseñanza a través de la acción sindical, en la gestión de la cultura a través del arte y, actualmente, en la gestión social y medioambiental a través de la regeneración de la tierra y la agricultura ecológica en Circle Carbon S.L. Nuestra nueva empresa requiere una gestión eficiente, adaptativa, creativa y comprometida social y medioambiental. 

Urs Winzenried


Swiss experienced entrepreneur and business coach/mentor, currently living in Palma de Mallorca and Florida, USA. During his professional career he has been involved both in commercial enterprises and not-for-profit projects. He believes that we must find ways to bridge the gap between bottom line only thinking and a more circular economy. Urs is our first custodian investor in the project and is contributing his wisdom and experience to help realise the infinite potential available when a few good people come together for the common good in the ritual of life and celebration of community.

Victoria Oliver


Graeme Tyrrell


dedicated yoga practitioner with a forty-year working career as a professional horticulturalist, with a passion for development, restoration, and maintenance of community parks, ornamental gardens and food production in a sustainable and natural manner. His aim is to bring more awareness into our day to day activities to further refine and develop the best practices in ecological living to uplift our environmental standards for everyone to enjoy life more. He studied a Diploma in Horticulture and later did a post-graduate business management diploma at Monash University in Australia. Having helped to create plans for indigenous plant restoration of mountains, set up an aboriginal organic gardening cooperative, restored a regional botanic garden, supervised a market garden enterprise and managed local government public parks for many years, provided consultancy services for garden design.
He is now interested to share his knowledge and assist with raising awareness of the benefits of working with others for a more fulfilling, sustainable lifestyle.

Eddie Brown



Connecting with fertile reality, and finding our way to it, requires us to create new platforms, regenerating and integrating companies. Our life has to be identified with our natural and social environment so that it can develop in full abundance in a balanced, healthy and respectful way. This is the greatest benefit to which we can aspire, to a greater capital of life and not simply economic.

Circle Carbon S.L.

Combines business competence, acumen, and common sense to celebrate the role of humanity as custodians of the earth to resolve the challenge of Climate Change to our civilization. Our projects aim to contribute first on a local level, and by sharing and collaborative coalitions on an international level towards the mitigation of Climate Change by growing trees and applying biochar to the soil in which trees and other cultivars are planted. The projects create the conditions for effective carbon sequestration, increased plant growth, and development of healthy, wealthy, and self-sufficient communities.

Global benefits:

Regeneration of soils, production of renewable energies, carbon capture & storage (CCS), food safety, energy safety, happy and peaceful communities.

Economic benefits for the company:

Sale of “Circle Carbon” products from organic farming; olives and their derivatives, almonds and their derivatives, carob and its derivatives, sale of substrates for gardening, nurseries, consulting, education, and training services.