Why Circle Carbon “VerdaLlum” vegetables & fruits are different

What makes our vegetables different? Some say that you taste the difference, others say they look different. By growing in the best soil possible we ensure the maximum amount of available nutrients to encourage healthier, natural growth. It’s working with the smallest of organisms to help the biggest of organisms, our planet Earth. Giving us delicious tasting, nutrient rich vegetables.

Ultimately, the health of any plant or animal organism depends on the access and availability of nutrients and minerals. In plants, it’s the availability and access to these minerals and nutrients in the soil. It is thanks to the smallest of creatures, the microorganisms, the mycorrhizal function of fungi and their structures, called mycelium, that indirectly make these nutrients and minerals available to us. One handful of soil contains literally trillions of these microorganisms, and it’s to them that we owe our health and well being, and perhaps most important of all, our ability to fight off harmful bacteria and viruses, our immune system.

Yet surprisingly, we know very little about the myriad work and activity of these microorganisms. What we do know is that a healthy soil, and therefore healthy plants, need a rich, abundant, and balanced number of the trillions of microorganisms that make our food nutrient rich and full of minerals.