Revolutionising our food systems

In a world where we are headed for 9 billion people by 2050 and 30% of the global population already is affected by food insecurity - from food shortages and food waste, to low-cost food that doesn’t reflect the true cost nor the inequity around access to a healthy diet - it’s clear a major transformation of our food systems is needed.

Already in 2013 a UN Report “Wake Up Before It Is Too Late” established that the only way of feeding the world sustainably is through small-scale organic farming.

At Circle Carbon we are responding to this crisis by building stronger local, circular and more conscious food systems to reduce dependence on imports, keep valuable resources in the loop (e.g. agricultural waste that in turn becomes a valuable resource in our biochar production) and create jobs. 

Returning flavour and quality to our food

Some say that you taste the difference in our fruit & vegetables, others say they look different. By growing in the best biochar-based soil we ensure the maximum amount of available nutrients to encourage healthier and natural growth as well as maximum flavour.

It’s working with the smallest of organisms to help the biggest of organisms, our Planet Earth.

Rewarding us with deliciously tasting and nutrient-rich vegetables, we believe, is Nature’s way of saying: Thank You! Healthy soil, healthy people, healthy planet!