Everything we do is about the environment

Circle Carbon is all about the Environment and the Communities that make up the environment. For a community to thrive, basic needs have to be met; Food Security is on the top of that list, alongside healthy and clean air, water, and soil. We regenerate soil by applying a thousand-year old technology found in the Amazon basin of Brazil called “Terra Preta”. The main ingredient in Terra Preta is BioChar, a special charcoal made from biomass residues. We make biochar and apply it to our compost to make our special super soil that we call “Terra Llum” (“Earth Light” in Catalan). The special properties of our TerraLlum substrate have proven to be very beneficial to plants, increasing both yield and quality of produce and restoring life and productivity to fruit-bearing trees. The properties of the biochar and the production process make it what we believe to be the best possible way to mitigate climate change, capturing carbon dioxide and storing it in the ground, where it belongs. (further information on Pyrogenic Carbon Capture & Storage - PyCCS - Special Report: Global Warming Of 1.5 ºc - Section

Besides Our Soil production and Our Garden, we will soon have Our Café, Our Market Shop, and Our Kitchen.

BioChar is the solution and so much more


Building a Virtuous Circular Economy

At Circle Carbon Labs we work with the concept of a Virtuous Circular Economy, as opposed to a neutral Circular Economy (or a vicious economy of ever-diminishing returns). In our virtuous circular economy we see the cumulative addition of our biochar-based substrate as yielding ever- increasing gains in agriculture; more healthy soils, more growth; more growth, more biomass feedstock; more feedstock, more biochar based substrate, more growth of plants and trees, etc., etc., etc. More plants and trees, more carbon dioxide drawdown.

Carbon Negative is Planet Positive!