Welcome to Circle Carbon

UPDATE 27 of MAY 2023:

In the wake of the highly challenging Corona pandemic and the subsequent economic downturn over the past years we at Circle Carbon, found ourselves at several crossroads where we needed to adapt, change our plan and reiterate our business. Times have been quite challenging but also inspiring.

True to our strong commitment to resilience, organic food and soil production, and determination to forge ahead, we are exploring new (and some old...) ideas and concepts based on our biochar-based soils and compost we produce on-site.

With a renewed focus on education, discovery and immersive guided farm tours, Circle Carbon now aims to attract like-minded individuals seeking a nurturing environment where a new way of farming can thrive based on community effort.

Embracing Change for a better Future:
By expanding our services to include research & development and education, we are fostering a thriving ecosystem that benefits both the environment and our community.

Thank You all for your ongoing support and see you again soon at Circle Carbon!

Christer & the Circle Carbon Team

We have developed a working model to regenerate our soils, using nature’s inherent abundance to support our mission of mitigating climate change and promoting local food security.

With conventional farming practices killing the soil and biodiversity, poisoning waterways as well as producing food that is lacking in nutritional value, we are answering the urgent call in these times to establish food systems that are more efficient, productive, and nutritious.

At Circle Carbon Labs in Mallorca, Spain and through the production and application of Biochar we remove CO2 from the atmosphere, regenerate soil, increase yields and improve the quality of produce through added nutrient uptake while requiring less water to improve food security and help build more resilient communities. Read more about our process.

It’s a matter of regenerating what has been lost on the planet as well as rebuilding the social, economic, and cultural systems that depend on it and laying the foundations for a life that is generous for all and founded on principles of health, harmony, and community.

A message from our Co-Founder

Grow your own kitchen garden

It’s all about the quality of the food. Our goal is to bring the highest quality, carbon negative, organic fruit and vegetables to our local community. 

Take the Tour

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary adventure as we introduce the Circle Carbon Community Tour.

Join us to explore our regenerative farm project, soil production, biochar creation, and vibrant community garden spaces.

This tour offers an inspiring and educational experience that showcases our dedication to sustainable living and the transformative power of regenerative practices.