Welcome to Circle Carbon

Circle Carbon is all about the Environment and the Communities that make up the environment. For a community to thrive, basic needs have to be met; Food Security is on the top of that list, alongside healthy and clean air, water, and soil. We regenerate soil by applying a thousand-year old technology found in the Amazon basin of Brazil called “Terra Preta” to make carbon negative highly nutrient rich soil. 

The benefits of Biochar

At Circle Carbon Labs we make BioChar from organic waste residues, tree cuttings and other agricultural waste. The biochar is then mixed with a recipe of organic minerals and nutrients, more (unburned) biomass waste, and allowed to compost, giving microorganisms the ideal habitat to convert the biomass to nutrient rich soil.

Making Biochar also traps CO2 gas in the carbonized biomass and creates a “soil reef” where valuable microorganisms can multiply, making nutrients and minerals more available to plants, that in turn make these nutrients and minerals available to us. This ability to make the char recalcitrant, or permanent, makes it carbon negative, or a valuable method to mitigate climate change by fixing, or “trapping” the CO2 in the char, and putting it back into the soil, where it belongs.

What makes our food different?

What makes our vegetables different? Some say that you taste the difference, others say they look different. By growing in the best soil possible we ensure the maximum amount of available nutrients to encourage healthier, natural growth.

It’s working with the smallest of organisms to help the biggest of organisms, our planet Earth. Giving us delicious tasting, nutrient rich vegetables is nature’s way to say: Thank You!

Healthy soil, healthy people, healthy planet!

Our Food

It’s all about the quality of the food. Our goal is to bring the highest quality, carbon negative, organic fruit and vegetables to our local community. 

Eat local, eat organic, eat carbon negative!

Our popular Friday markets are on hold due to renovation works but will return again end of February 2022.

In the meantime, let us help you get your own kitchen garden started! Find out how to grow organic and carbon negative vegetables with our TerraLlum Super Soil.

Contact us by phone 603815770 or email: info@circlecarbon.com

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